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Merchant Lynx Services honors a written agreement and all merchants are provided a copy of their agreement prior to their representative leaving their location after signing. We would be happy to review your agreement and issue any refunds indicated. Merchant Lynx Services customer service team is available 24 hours/7days a week. Please contact us at 866-873-2200!

The salesperson from Merchantlynx told me to switch from my original company (Federated) to his company and We had an agreement that Merchantlynx was going to pay the early termination fee as a result of it. Now, the people from Merchantlynx told me that there was no such agreement and I was not able to reach this salesperson whose name is David McCurdy.

I think we should all come together and file a lawsuit against this company. David McCurdy should be jailed too. Don't sign up with Merchantlynx because the salesperson tells you that the company works with Wellsfargo. Jail David McCurdy!

Shame On him! Jail him!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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we signed up for services back in 2009, during the set up process, I didn't like the way something worked, so we cancelled. It was no easy feat to cancel, I remember.

Now this has come back to haunt us in Feb. 2012. An un-authorized withdrawal was made from an old checking account that we no longer use for $110.50 by "Merchant Lynx Ad". It came to my attention because it overdrew our account that we were just keeping enough money in to keep the account open.

The bank provided me with the phone number for the company and I have now called about six times, each time being promised a call back. No one has called back even though each time I call they claim that they escalate the urgency of the matter...

US Bank says they can't dispute the type of transaction it was and recommends that I close the account, but doesn't offer a reimbursement of funds. Today I am sending a certified letter to the Georgia address, and contacting the local police.


We were lied to by Merchantlynx in Maryland as well. There is definitely a pattern of deception here based on all the testimonials.

I'm surprised that no legal action has been taken yet. This company is definitely doing fraudulent business.

Please contact me if you have come with any solutions. Perhaps joining in a law suit is the way to go.


most of these complaints start one way, but end with some long story that doesnt make sense.


We had previously processed with Merchant Lynx and quit because of being overcharged all the time. In February 2010, headquarters contacted us, wanted our business back.

Signed up again, this time with everything explicitly spelled out in the contract - and still being overcharged every month and only refunded partial. After 4 months ML owes us $ 292.59 in overcharges.

To cut this misery short - we cancelled the accounts today. We don't have the time to calculate their mistakes on every statement and then call/write to get the refund, wait one month on the refund, just to be overcharged again next month.


I was lied to by Merchant Lynx as well... I was told by Roxanne Coker that I was entering a 12month trial period.

and when she sent me the paperwork it was for 48 months, needless to say her phone was disconnected by the end of the same week that I signed up with their service. I am now disputing collection charges of over $6,000 dollars from this Merchant Lynx fiasco.


IF YOU ARE IN the georgia area they are located in Alpharetta @1725 windwarrd concourse go down and give them a piece of your mind or call em up @ 6783283388 :grin :zzz


I have processed with Merchant Lynx and had my old agreement purchased with no issues. A guess theres a lesson to be learned here always get it in writting, no matter what your buying, lieing in sales in the nautre of the beast.


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