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Evan sent this complaint to me because we have been working with the merchant in this office. However he had posted this complaint prior to speaking with this department. {Redacted}, one of our managers has resolved all of his issues. She also reached out to the merchant once we received this complaint just to ensure that there were no outstanding issues. As previously stated he submitted this prior to speaking with her.
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This is by far the worst experience that I have every had with not only credit card processors but any commercial partner period. ML offered great rates & we changed our previous CC provider. What they didn't tell us is that their cust serv is horrible, they hold initial deposits for weeks & they dont offer assistance with PCI compliance in effort to add fees. My overall experience has been that they treat customers as a foe rather than a commercial partner.

1st sign of bad service was on Aug 8th when we filled out the PCI compliance questionnaire. Its a complicated process filled with a ton of very tech terms. We tried working through this process yet we didnt have any prev guidance from ML or knowledge that we would need this. I called & after an hour on the phone I still had no hands-on customer support & or solid answers. We spoke to a person in PCI compliance that instructed us to answer all the questions YES. We did that & submitted then received notice that the test failed & we had to make changes to our server & operating systems. If we dont make these changes we will be subject to heavy fines & fees.

Our business is mostly cash, check & terms but we use CC processing to bill ONE customer. Their transactions are charged wkly & avg around $xx,xxx a month. Our first wkly transactions totaled $x,xxx. After a couple of days we noticed that the funds had not been deposited into our account, at that point we called cust serv.

I had sensed a culture of bad serv but the second call confirmed my suspicions. Everyone that we talked to was rude & not helpful. Their hold times are very long & we were transferred to various depts before finally being told that the risk dept is who we should talk to. We were not able to immediately able to reach somebody. I finally received a call from Ben Grimes & he said the transactions were over our avg. This didn't make sense considering that our monthly avg is well above that amount. They requested 3 months bank statements & copy of 1 invoice. We sent this info over to them the next day expecting that our funds would be released. They came back needing with more info which we sent. Days later Ben states that its still in investigation & that he had trouble contacting our cust. This is odd since we called them numerous times through the process. Keep in mind that we have been dealing with customer for 6 years & have never had any issues. You might think that this is an isolated issue yet my colleague is going through the exact same problem with his company. His charges are closer to $20,000 & his money is being tied up exactly as our is. Seems more like common practice rather than an isolated incident.

I called to cancel the acct on Thurs 8/18/16. After a very long time on hold & various transfers we finally got a hold of the cancellation dept. They stated that we would get a call from corp in 24-48 hrs. I didn't get a call & called back the morning of Mon 8/22/16. The person in cancellations stated that I had made a call at noon & they still had 3 business hrs to contact me. The day passed & I received no call. On the morning of Tue 8/23/16 I called again. I spoke to Cristina in cancellations & she said that they had 48 hrs to call me from the previous Thurs. I told her that time period had expired the previous day. She then said that it might take them about a week to respond to my cancellation notice. I was speaking to someone in the cancellation dept yet she stated that she could not help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor & she said that there were none on site. She also said that nobody in her office would be able to help since only someone in corp could call me. I then asked for the number of someone in corp & she said that that number was not available for her to give.

We have sent all of the paperwork requested & they have made contact with our cust. On 8/23/16 we still have not received funds. I also have $xx,xxx that are ready to charge yet I can't process ML.

I then got an email from Ben stating that we were in the situation because we made fraudulent unauthorized transaction. Unauthorized? We have been dealing with this customer for 6 years and have never had any issues until we mistakenly signed up with this horrible company. Seems to me like the only fraud going on is Merchant Lynx.

Review about: Merchant Lynx Services Credit Card Payment Processing Service.

Reason of review: poor customer service, poor cancellation policy, wont release our funds.

Monetary Loss: $6866.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Poor cancellation procedure.

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