Are you a victim of merchant lynx? Ever deal with a sales person out of the Lakeland office named Tina Boyd? Please send your complaint and contact info to admin@gentechlabs.com we are going to collect as many complaints as it takes to bring this company to justice. We will be setting up a website for this in the next few weeks. Lets not just complain online, lets unite and get something done.

The reason they get away with this is that only a few complaints make it to any agency. If you send us your complaints we can file them all at once with the right State and Federal Agencies.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This company has screwed me since the day I signed with them by double charging my account and charcing fees that I never signed up for. I will do anything to help in a class action law suit against them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Send the equipment back with delivery confirmation. Close your bank accounts.. Once you have proof you sent the equipment back they will put you on collections.. Call the leasing company and sign a affidavit of forgery. In my case they lifted the signature of someone who wasn't even in the country on the date of the contract. We think they scan cut copy and paste signatures off canceled checks and place them on new contracts.

Do an affidavit of forgery to all contract holders. State that someone other then the business owner signed the contract to obtain such a document. Send it certified mail. They will most likely deny your claim and say you own the money.. DO NOT PAY THEM.. wait until they send you to collections.. Every time the collect agency calls you... Say.."STOP HARASSING ME" I Have filed an affidavit of forgery. They will ask for a copy.. If Peter Rhee represented himself for Merchant Lynx and signed you up for a contract with a leasing company.. the collection agency will no longer bother you..

Bottom line DON'T PAY THEM. it costs them more to goto court where they will lose.. File the forgery afidavit and send it to them certified mail. they will deny the forgery.. Wait until the collection agency calls.. and send them the forgery claim and they will leave you alone.....

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