There has got to be a way to stop this company from scamming people out of their hard earned money and work. They have the power over your bank account and can take your money for fees that you did not have explained to you at the onset.

Then you do not have a contract for waiting on the snail mail to get it to you. By the time you know what hit you, you are are bound by a 4 yr lease on a machine that you were paying for thinking it was just while you were with the processor.


All I can say is God have mercy on all of you involved. You may have scammed us but someday it will catch up with you.

I pity all of you for scamming another hard working American!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #1284489

I had to get an attorney but got out of the contract. Our representative was discovered was a convicted felon.

Grand theft! I finally put so much pressure on Wells Fargo that they tore up our contract.

Tampa, Florida, United States #585549

If you are in Florida I was told that a Class Action Law Suit was being filed in January 2013. I am trying to meet with Pam Bondi the first week in January to make her aware of this issue. I have some phone numbers of an attorney involved in the suit.

to racrizz Winter Springs, Florida, United States #1284419

Adam class action agoni merchants linux is a must a must the y have goût to ne stopped ,I would never have considered something horrible like this would happen in the USA


Same problems here. I would like to know what legal action has been taken.

If none, I think this has a good case. Please feel free to email me with ideas or if found ways to resolve your issues.


the contract says " new equipment" i found mine to be referbished and have proof. make a police report .get all names of every one you talk to .go after them pesonally for fraud .

Conspiracey to defraud has very serious prison time.Check provisions in THE PATRIOT ACT for corporate and financial TERRORISM dont give up keep.

in touch. Im going to F these bastards


me too


I'm another cheated consumer, stuck with a disgusting company like Merchant Lynx. The rep came to my showroom, and told me I had a 30-day trial period.

After that, I was able to speak with that rep only once, then he vanished. Never responded to my phone calls, the company said too bad, no such clause in your contract. You are stuck with us for 4 years, during which we will rip you for allyou are worth. I am going to make a list of all the fraud things they have done in my business dealings with them.

How does one find out how to file a class suit action against a company such as this? They should not be allowed to do this? I'm interviewing another company to switch from Merchant Lynx finally and I will find out if they give me some more details. Let's not just vent our grievances, let's do it and STOP THIS COMPANY and have it shut down.

When I did not send them the defective c/c machine back to them within their stipulated 10 day period (because I was out of town and UPS kept forgetting to pick up the package), they charged my bank account $1200 and held on to that money for 2 months, so I could not dump them and move to another company. That's one more.

I think we all need to make a list of all the problems with this company, and their disguting business practices. Every morning I wake up cursing the day I pick up the phone when Tim Taylor called me to request an appointment.


I am in! Let's do a class action lawsuit against them! The are thieves and need to pay!


yup they did the samething to me i think we should take a class action suit against them.

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